Communication and Mobilization Directorate

Services delivered by Communication and Mobilization Directorate

  1. Perform, coordinate and follow up public awareness creation and sensitization activities on health insurance system through various media in collaboration with concerned bodies
  2. Serve as spokesperson of the Agency
  3. Ensure the availability of implementation manual for the sections within the directorate, and follow up amendment as deemed necessary
  4. Coordinate the collaboration between the Agency and mass media, ensure that the activities of the Agency are getting adequate coverage
  5. Prepare brochures and articles in collaboration with other relevant directorates for awareness creation activities
  6. Conduct, coordinate and lead meetings, workshops, etc. of the Agency in collaboration with stakeholders
  7. Perform photography, printing and audio-visual activities of the Agency and keep the documentation properly
  8. Collect and compile information posted on various media regarding the Agency and report to the management as deemed necessary
  9. Print and disseminate articles prepared by other divisions by editing the contents and appearances
  10. Provide information about the Agency to stakeholders as appropriate
  11. Conduct and coordinate public awareness activities on health insurance system
  12. Facilitate the collaboration between the Health Insurance Agency and the mass media and strive for the proper media coverage of the health insurance system
  13. Collect and compile articles written by other directorates of the Agency