Customer Satisfaction Directorate

Services delivered by Customers Satisfaction Assurance Directorate

  1. Follow up and monitor whether complaints and suggestions of members, health service providers and other stakeholders’ on the health insurance system in general and complaints on service delivery in particular
  2. Coordinate and lead surveys to know the level of client satisfaction and report the results to the management of the agency. 
  3. Design acceptable, clear and easy complaint presentation (prepare complaint presentation formats) ways and present for decision and ensure their implementation
  4. Provide orientation for members, health facilities and stakeholders on customer satisfaction and complaint handling procedures
  5. Make complaint handling system modern, clear, equitable and fast so that it is reachable to members, health institutions and stakeholders
  6. Ensure that the complaint presentation/receiving system of the agency is well-known to all stakeholders
  7. Apart from regular complaint receiving methods, collect, analyze and reply to complaints raised by the community, print and broadcast media, social media and others on the activities of the Agency. Work in collaboration with communication and mobilization directorate to make information available for the community that builds the image of the agency 
  8. Organize discussions with stakeholders on measures to be taken and proposed solutions for complaints raised regarding service quality
  9. Provide training regularly to agency staffs on customer satisfaction and complaint handling policy of the Agency
  10. Ensure availability of implementation manuals for the sections within the directorate and branch offices, and follow up amendment as deemed necessary