Finance and Investment Directorate

Services delivered by Finance and Investment Directorate

  1. Plan, lead and control the finance, procurement, property administration as well as investment activities of the Agency
  2. Based on the annual budget of the Agency prepare the cash requirement, submit for approval and follow up implementation
  3. Supervise and provide support for the branches of the agency with regard to the activities of the directorate
  4. Establish strong finance administration, monitoring and supervision systems.
  5. keep complete books of accounts as per the government finance administration law
  6. Ensure availability of implementation manuals for the sections within the directorate and follow up amendment as deemed necessary
  7. Identify alternative investment opportunities that enhance the financial strength of the agency and participate in feasible investments
  8. Ensure the maintenance of the required reserve fund for the health insurance system and follow up the reserve build up
  9. Prepare periodic report on the implementation of the agency’s finance, procurement and resource administration and submit to concerned bodies.
  10. Close book of accounts & other finance documents of the agency at end of the year and make other reports ready for auditing by external auditors.
  11. Establish a system for registration, handling and utilization of the properties of the Agency and monitor implementation
  12. Establish a system that protects the Agency from embezzlement and other losses and ensure the utilization of resources for intended objectives
  13. Ensure that any procurement undertaken is as per the government procurement law
  14. Ensure the payment of required taxes are done on time
  15. Participate on the development and implementation of the investment strategy of the health insurance system
  16. Ensure all health insurance policies, procedures and directives have internal control systems