Human Resource Development Directorate

Services delivered by Human Resource Development and Resource Management Directorate

  1. Lead and control human resource training and development plan and resource management of the agency
  2. Ensure effective utilization of available human resources and the fulfillment of enabling conditions
  3. Develop human resource development and management policy of the agency, present for approval and implement when approved.
  4. Prepare plan for human resource needs of the agency and implement when approved
  5. Ensure availability of implementation manuals for the sections within the directorate, and follow up amendment as deemed necessary
  6. Ensure that staff recruitment, promotion, transfer and discipline issues are implemented as per government regulations and directives.
  7. Ensure that all queries related to personnel services get immediate and fast responses
  8. Ensure that the agency human resource data are properly handled.
  9. Make job grading by analyzing the job descriptions from the different directorates of the Agency
  10. Establish and implement performance based evaluation, promotion and salary increment system for the Agency
  11. Monitor and ensure that the required office equipment and supplies are in place for the day to day activities of health insurance staffs
  12. Organize capacity building programs based on human resource development requirement of the agency to ensure the availability of effective and knowledgeable staffs