Information Communication Technology Directorate

Services delivered by Information Technology Development Directorate

  1. Provide modern technology support to make major activities of the Agency efficient and effective
  2. Develop appropriate software for the health insurance system, orient and coordinate its implementation
  3. Lead and coordinate the harmonization activities of the information system of the Agency with other health sector organs; and enable the Agency to have integrated electronic communication system
  4. Support and monitor the day to day activities, information exchange within divisions and other communications to be based on modern technology
  5. Ensure the health insurance system data collection is done via the developed software
  6. Prepare implementation manuals of the directorate, and make amendments as deemed necessary
  7. Coordinate and monitor system projects operated by the Agency
  8. Ensure that the information system of the Agency is up to date and properly functioning
  9. Ensure and control the security and confidentiality of the health insurance information system
  10. Develop and administer the web page of the Agency, upload information obtained from other divisions on the Agency’s web page and make the necessary follow up & control on the web page

Develop, install and make ready the information network system, sub-systems and servers; administer and control their proper functioning and provide troubleshoot problems on the network system. Provide training on software applications for the Agency staff, monitor the users of the network system, take backups regularly as per the Agency’s policy and protect the system from virus attacks