Internal Audits Directorate

Services delivered by Internal Control Directorate

  1. Ensure the establishment and functioning of a strong internal control system in the Agency
  2. Prepare annual audit plan of the Agency and submit for approval
  3. Examine the internal control system of the Agency regularly, evaluate and confirm its efficiency
  4. Ensure the availability of implementation manual for the sections within the directorate, and follow up amendment as deemed necessary
  5. Follow up the activities of the Agency are accomplished as per the policies, objectives and implementation manuals of the Agency
  6. Lead and monitor internal control service activities; examine and approve reports of internally investigated files
  7. Prepare implementation manuals, guidelines and formats for audit activity, and make amendments as deemed necessary
  8. Examine and follow up that divisions and branches of the Agency perform their duties as per the endorsed laws and directives
  9. Support the various divisions of the Agency to have strong internal control system
  10. Examine, follow up and confirm that the finance and property administration of the Agency are performed as per the endorsed laws and directives
  11. Examine and approve the accuracy of financial reports regularly
  12. Present audit reports regularly to the general director or the person delegated by the general director
  13. Present malpractices and defects identified during audit activities for corrective actions, follow up implementation of recommendations
  14. Follow up the timely execution of the annual property inventory of the Agency
  15. Follow up and ensure that  corrective actions are taken performance defects indicated by external auditors