Members Affairs and Contribution Collection Directorate

Services delivered by Members Registration and Contribution Affair Directorate

  1. Plan, study and implement ways for enhancing membership to the health insurance system, design methods for transfer of contributions to the Agency and propose revisions as deemed necessary
  2. Ensure that institutions and populations that would be covered by the health insurance system are covered accordingly
  3. Follow up collection of members’ profile data and make sure that the data is analyzed regularly
  4. Follow up and monitor the expected contribution to the health insurance system is transferred timely and fully
  5. Follow up that employers and social security agency are transferring the contributions timely
  6. Decide on the level of details of members and beneficiaries profile for registration and propose revisions as deemed necessary
  7. Assess issues raised with regard to membership and propose solutions for remedial actions
  8. Serve as objective owner of membership registration, follow up and coordinate the membership registration process all over the country
  9. Compile data required for preparation of identification cards for members and beneficiaries, and keep the data in the appropriate health insurance information system