Vision, Mission & Objectives

Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency was established as an autonomous federal organ through Regulation No. 191/2010 issued by the council of ministers.

Vision of the Agency

To see all citizens of the country are beneficiaries of an equitable and sustainable health insurance system by 2025.

Mission of the Agency

Establish an efficient and effective health insurance system that collect and administer contributions from members, and ensure provision of quality health services to all citizens in a sustainable way.

Values of the Agency

Loyalty: work loyally and diligently to achieve the objectives of the Agency.

Accountability: implement the health insurance system as per the legal provisions, being abided by the laws, regulations and directives endorsed.

Participatory: ensure stakeholders participation to enable them contribute for the success of the health insurance system.

Transparency: disclose financial and administrative management of the health insurance system for all stakeholders regularly.

Community First: give priority for the interest of the community in service provision.