SNNPR holds regional conference on Community Based Health Insurance in Arba Minch

Regional, zone, and district leadership have participated in the conference.

Frehiwot Abebe, Director  General of the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency said during the conference that the nationwide implementation of community health insurance which started with 13 districts in 2011 had now spread to 770 districts and over 32 million citizens had become beneficiaries of the health insurance.   

The director general also said that leaders at every level ought to play the role of sensitizing the community to take advantage of the community based health insurance system as it is a system that creates a fair distribution of health services to citizens.  

Hailemariam Tesfaye, deputy head of the SNNP regional state said in his opening speech that it was not possible to ensure the prosperity of the country while the health of citizens is not maintained. Therefore he said he would encourage all leaders to discharge the responsibility of encouraging all heads of families to join the health insurance system.   

About 130 districts in the SNNP region are implementing community based health insurance system and are providing health services to their members while preparation is in progress to start the program in 21 other districts this year. 

Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency