Agency leadership visit Community Based Health Insurance activities of Chencha district

Leadership of the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency and experts visited the activities of community-based health insurance in the Chencha district.

The delegation led by Alemu Anno, deputy director general of the agency, observed that the implementation of community-based health insurance in the district was encouraging. 

The delegation noted that, all contributions collected from members of health insurance were deposited in the bank; all receipts were returned; data of members was properly stored; distribution of ID cards was 99 percent completed; and medical services were made available to members. Members of the delegation commented that these activities make the district a role model for others.

Among heads of families in the district who are illegible to join the community-based health insurance about 52 percent have already become members. In the first quarter of the year alone 362,000 birr was paid for 2,448 people who received medical services.

It is to be recalled that the community-based health insurance Scheme in Chencha district started offering health services to members and their families as of April 2020. 

Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency