Quarterly performance evaluation completed successfully

The Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency quarterly performance evaluation was successfully completed in the presence of the agency’s branch managers, with regional coordinators of community based health insurance, monitoring and evaluation professionals, and the Ministry of Health, Ethiopian Drug Administration and Control Authority, and representatives of Pharmaceuticals Fund. 

Participants have actively involved and forwarded lots of valuable ideas during the evaluation. The 2019/20 launching document of Community Based Health Insurance and the year’s major focus areas were presented by Gudeta Abebe, director of membership of the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency at the conclusion of the meeting ideas for improvement were forwarded by participants. The ideas include the importance of involving partners in the mobilization and the value of orienting the mobilization in accordance with the country’s major activities.   

Director General of the Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency w/ro Frehiwot Abebe, said that the agency would take ideas forwarded by participants and make use of them. She also emphasized the importance of the media and public relations at every level for the mobilization work. 

Finally, action plans were made for the works that have been agreed upon during the meeting and the three-day long evaluation of the quarterly performance was concluded.  

Ethiopian Health Insurance Agency